Department of Polymer Chemistry:  Activities and Perspective

Polymers are abundant in nature and central to human life:  As essential building blocks, they form both the natural world and the human body;   As materials, polymers are indispensable in a prosperous society, fundamental in modern industry, and functional for chemistry, textiles, medicine, biology, pharmacology, electronics, aeronautics, space, and many other advanced and emerging technologies. The lifestyle we enjoy today, safe, comfortable, and sustainable, would be unimaginable without polymers and polymeric materials. No doubt polymers are finding ever-increasing significance and applications for the 21st century and beyond.

The Department of Polymer Chemistry at Kyoto University, recognizing the importance and potential of polymers and macromolecules, aims at fundamental research and integrated education to cover every facet of polymer chemistry and science:  synthesis, reactions, structures, physical properties, and functions. Via its close partnership with neighboring disciplines in chemistry, physics, and biology, the research contributes to discoveries and innovations in science and technology that better the world for all of us. With its first-rate curricula, facilities, and faculty, the education cultivates creative and competent researchers and engineers of polymer science and relevant advanced studies.

The Department of Polymer Chemistry:  With a history of over 60 years of significant achievement, the Department of Polymer Chemistry at Kyoto University is an internationally recognized center of excellence, one of the first institutions in the world for polymer science, to meet with its responsibility in research and education.